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What is the Advanced Magnetic
Technology in the Sleep System?
  The Nikken Sleep System features up to 326 magnets, depending on the size of the mattress pad. These magnets are arranged strategically in the Center Support Zone -a Nikken exclusive.

  Other Nikken magnetic products use a different kind of magnetic technology. Why does the Sleep System use these magnets?
  Some other Nikken products use EQL Magnetic Technology to deliver a perfectly consistent magnetic field across their surface. These are products where the entire surface is magnetic.
The Nikken Sleep System operates on a different principle. It uses multiple individual magnets spread across a wide surface area. This is ideal for a passive magnetic product like the Sleep System.

  What is the gauss (magnetic) strength in the Sleep System, and what difference does gauss make?
  Nikken Sleep Systems feature magnets with a gauss strength of 750. Gauss strength is just one  element of magnetic technology. A superior product is the right combination of comfort, gauss strength and the amount of magnetic coverage.

  Some Sleep Systems or mattress pads feature a raised-tip surface, that looks like Rubberthane®. What makes Rubberthane different?
  Nikken Rubberthane is produced using a process that alters the density of the individual nodule tips. The result is a material that produces a subtle, but uniquely stimulating effect.
This difference in density is what provides the gentle massaging feel that can help to promote circulation and ease tension. It creates a pleasantly relaxing sensation that encourages restful sleep. Combining Rubberthane with layers of foam increases ventilation for increased comfort.

  How does the Intelli-Rest design re-form itself to fit body shapes?
  The Viscoelastic foam in Nikken Intelli-Rest pads and pillow is a unique material. It has a special open-cell construction that has the ability to conform to any shape.
The "memory foam" was originally used in aeronautical and space applications. It was developed at the Ames Research Center in conjunction with the United States space organization NASA.
The Nikken Intelli-Rest KenkoPad is the only sleep system that combines this material with Advanced Magnetic Technology and Rubberthane. Some other products may use viscoelastic foam, but only Nikken offers all these technologies in one design, to provide an unparalleled sleep environment.
  How does Far-Infrared Technology work?
  Far-infrared energy has been called "the wavelength of life," because it is present in living things, both plant and animal. As a biological process, organisms absorb and reflect far-infrared. This natural energy is used in Nikken Far-Infrared Technology.
Nikken Far-Infrared Technology uses three principles-reflection, insulation, and breathability. When your body is cold it generates energy to warm you. The far-infrared ceramic-reflection fibers in Nikken comforters absorb this energy Then they reflect it back in the form of warmth.
The amount of insulation in the comforter depends on which one you choose. These are summer, winter, and all season weights.
When the ceramic-reflection fibers absorb all the energy they can hold, any excess is released through the breathable outer cover.This keeps hot spots trom developing and you stay comfortable.

  Does all the technology in the Nikken Sleep System really make a difference?
  Compare the Nikken Sleep System to an ordinary mattress. Those haven't changed much since they were invented centuries ago. And they're not much different from sleeping on the couch.
The Nikken Sleep System uses modern technology to provide the most comfortable, best sleep you can get. Your can wake up feeling refreshed and get more out of your day.

   Is the Nikken Sleep System for everyone?
  Because Nikken Sleep Systems use Advanced Magnetic Technology they should not be used by persons with a pacemaker or other electronic medical devices. But everyone--children, adults, seniors--who uses a Nikken Sleep System can look forward to better sleep and a feeling of improved wellness during the day.
There is no recommended age, height or weight. No restrictions on the amount of sleep per day. Use the Nikken Sleep System any way you wish. And enjoy the results.

The Nikken Sleep System - scientifically designed to Promote quality sleep!




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