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Considering the four elements of wellness - rest and relaxation, nutrition, environment, and fitness - nutrition may be the one we act on most regularly. We sometimes cut short the amount of sleep we get, live in less than perfect environmental conditions, or neglect fitness. But when food is available, few people forget to eat. However, eating and nutrition are not exactly the same. Getting the proper vitamins and nutrients takes more than merely eating every day. With food, as with everything else, balance is the key. A diet that provides the proper combination of nutrients is difficult for some people to sustain. They may eat plenty, but certain factors can interfere with their ability to eat healthy. One of these factors is convenience.

There are many reasons why obesity has reached practically epidemic proportions in America. One reason is that people  do not get as much physical exercise as they used to. But the change in eating habits also plays a part.
In the past eras, most food was prepared from fresh ingredients. The typical household had someone at home all day to produce these dishes. Almost everyone sat down to regular meals, with little eating in between.
Compare this to today. Food is available whenever we turn. Convenience stores are on ever corner. Modern shopping malls feature snack stands and food courts. In theaters, concession-counter items are served in giant proportions. Automobile cupholders, unheard of 20 years ago, make it possible to eat and drink on the move. And fast food outlets are everywhere.
These alternatives - precooked foods, takeout food, eating on the run - are definitely more convenient, but are they healthy?


The nutritional value in most of these offerings is questionable at best. They usually feature few raw or fresh-cooked vegetables, which provide a wide range of important nutrients. Convenience and fast foods are often prepared with high amounts of salt and fat, including partially hydrogenated oils considered by many nutritionists to be less than beneficial. In other words, even though it appears that people are eating more than ever - and getting faster in the process - they may actually be receiving less of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they need for good health.

Food and exercise are both important in terms of keeping in shape. But diet and physical exertion can affect each other, on that certain nutrients are better for giving the body what it needs to stay alive. Other nutrients can have the opposite effect. One familiar relationship is the one between sugar and energy. Foods high in processed sugar can provide a temporary boost, but as the body comes down from this "sugar-high", it can make a person feel more tired. This discourages exercise - the very thing needed to keep the metabolic rate up and control weight.
The relationship between diet and exercise works the other way, too. Those who begin a fitness program often report that a vigorous workout helps control appetite.
Once again, the connection between eating and fitness underscores how the different areas of wellness - rest and relaxation, nutrition, environment, and fitness - can affect each other. For balance between these elements, adequate nutrition is a vital part of the equation.


Jade GreenZymes

Called "nature's perfect food," barley grass is said to have more nutrition than an equal serving of any other vegetable. The barley grass in organic Jade GreenZymes® is beneficial in helping balance pH, supporting a strong immune system, and assisting in maintaining blood glucose levels that are already in the normal range.



Jade GreenZymes - 50 SERVING JAR



Jade GreenZymes - CAPSULES




• Made with organic barley grass and our Proprietary Blend of organic acacia and organic pearl barley seed extract powder
• Kosher and vegan certified (does not apply to capsules shell)
• USDA Organic, certified by QAI
• Gluten-free
• Detoxifying for circulatory and colon health.
• Supports skin elasticity to help prevent the signs of aging.*
• Natural pH regulation to influence the body' acid/alkaline stability.*
• Jade GreenZymes is fresh, has the clean taste and full balance of enzymes provided by organically-sourced green barley grass, packaged at the peak of freshness. Occasional slight variations in color, taste, consistency or solubility are the result of varying chlorophyll content between different harvests and reflect the authentic character of the ingedients.
• Enzymes are necessary to a number of body functions. Enzymes oxidize fatty acids. They aid in ridding the body of waste and in maintaining healthy bones and tissues. Jade GreenZymes is carefully cold-processed to retain the natural enzyme activity.*
• Can be consumed by anyone, even young children, at any time.
• In powder form, Jade GreenZymes can be mixed with any cold beverage or food. The convenient, all-vegetable capsules also deliver a concentrated serving of these nutrients.


Kenzen® Joint
with High Potency CM Complex.

Nikken introduces an advanced formula that nutritionally supports collagen, bone and connective tissue repair. Nikken's exclusive blend of ingredients works to help promote normal, healthy joint function.

- One-of-a-kind, proprietary formula that includes cetyl myristoleate, (CM) glucosamine and methyl sulfonylmethane
- Maximum concentration of cetyl myristoleate (30%) available
- Highest potency in an easy-to-swallow, soft gel.
High Potency CM Complex: a proprietary blend of the highest concentration of cetyl myristoleate available to support joint and tissue health, and to help lubricate joints and surrounding tissues


The High Potency CM Complex in Kenzen Joint is an advanced formulation that nutritionally supports collagen, bone and connective tissue repair. This formula has a high concentration of cetyl myristoleate and combines this with glucosamine, methylsufonylmethane and compounds from the boswellia plant, which has long been used in Ayurvedic and other complementary practice.*






Cetyl myristoleate possesses natural surfactant and lubricant properties, in support of smooth joint movement.*

CM Complex is endorsed by the estate of H.W. Diehl, the National Institutes of Health researcher who developed cetyl myristoleate.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.



Now Nikken introduces a product with cetyl myristoleate in a cream! The CM Complex in Bio-Directed CM Complex Skin Cream is a Nikken patented high-potency cetyl myristoleate blend. It is specially formulated with pi water and exclusive Magna-Cell Technology, liposomes that encapsulate the ingredients, allowing them to be rapidly absorbed.

  • Rubs on easily, in a greaseless formulation

  • Magna-Cell Technology and pi water help hydrate skin

  • Gradual, controlled absorption

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or just a weekend warrior, Nikken CM Complex Cream can help soothe the discomfort that comes from living an active life. It combines state-of-the-art ingredients — including cetyl myristoleate — in a non-greasy formula. Choose tube or convenient personal/sample size.

CM Complex is endorsed by the estate of Dr. H. W. Diehl, the National Institutes of Health researcher who discovered cetyl myristoleate.


 CM COMPLEX SKIN CREAM 4 fl.oz./118ml






Superior Multi-Action Complex.

Nikken's Bio-Directed Mental Clarity is a unique multi-action formula that combines the most advanced nutrients to both detoxify and improve brain circulation. This ultra-comprehensive formula sets a new standard, blending the highest number of nutritional ingredients that work synergistically to help increase cerebral function.* With stress and performance demands on the rise, improved thought processes and recall can mean the difference between just being there and being your best.




Whether you’re a student who wants to excel in school, a professional who requires quick thinking on the job, a senior who wants to maintain memory and focus, or anyone who requires mental sharpness, Clarity helps support your brain power!

A fermented blend of 100% organic ingredients formulated to help you stay focused and mentally sharp, Clarity is designed to help maximize your cognitive function.* Fermentation increases the levels of macro- and micro-nutrients while breaking down food that is difficult for the body to process. In addition, some of the ingredients undergo a special sprouting process that helps improve digestibility by breaking down proteins, fats and sugars into smaller molecules while increasing levels of beneficial amino, phenolic and organic acids. Studies have shown the critical connection between brain function and gut health—they complement each other for optimum results.

• Multifunctional organic Ashwagandha helps improve learning, memory and reaction time by increasing resistance to stress.*
• Organic Lions Mane Mushroom has been studied** for its neuroprotective properties and ability to help induce nerve growth.*
• Organic sprouted purple corn is a source of anthocyanins with antioxidant properties that help support brain health.*
• Organic turmeric helps support healthy brain function.*
• Organic periwinkle leaf helps improve blood flow to the brain.*
• Organic bacopa leaf helps support healthy memory, focus and concentration.*
• Organic ginkgo leaf helps promote mental acuity.*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
**Studies are found in The National Center for Biotechnology Information and the National Institutes of Health. .




Kenzen® Liver Support features the Extracted Synergistic Proprietary Blend, a complex of the artichoke bud and the root of the sarsaparilla plant. The artichoke component is made from the entire bud instead of a leaf extract, as in other supplements. The special technique used to prepare Kenzen® Liver Support employs two stages, and extracts the highest concentration of these ingredients without using a method that requires chemical processing, artificial additives, preservatives or stabilizers









KENZEN Immunity
The only supplement with a blend of 14 optimized mushroom species!

Support the body's natural defenses with new, Bio-Directed Immunity! It features a unique, proprietary combination of natural organic compounds, based on extensive research in mushroom science. This includes rare varieties and strains developed exclusively for Nikken. They're carefully cultivated under precise laboratory conditions -- to supplement, balance and support the immune function.


No other product on the market can offer this comprehensive range of specialized mushroom strains, each with its own properties. Together, the ingredients in Bio-Directed Immunity provide a full spectrum of organically-grown, scientifically-optimized mushroom compounds for immune support.

The immune system is the body's basic protection -- its essential mechanism for healing -- and its defense against premature aging. Nikken Bio-Directed Immunity offers a way to support this vital physical function -- in a simple, daily capsule.

The most complete mushroom formula available
14 varieties, including rare species and 6 strains developed exclusively for Nikken
Grown in Hawaii under laboratory conditions for consistent results
Completely organic, no pesticides or artificial additives
Promotes healthy immune response


KENZEN Immunity





New studies show that there are four enzymes critical to the digestive process. Many digestive products on the market contain only one or two of these notable enzymes and do not provide optimal digestive support. Kenzen® Digestion 4-20 contains all four of these important enzymes, making it a superior formulation for digestion, absorption and weight management.*









• Balanced combination of natural enzymes to support optimal digestion and nutrient absorption.*
• Specific digestive enzymes act on different types of macronutrients: fats, proteins, carbohydrates and fiber. Kenzen Digestion Complex 4-20 is a combination of ingredients from each of these categories, to support the assimilation of all nutrients.*
• By optimizing absorption, Kenzen Digestion Complex 4-20 also provides more rapid access to nutrients, allowing the body to convert this fuel into energy more quickly.*
• Kenzen Digestion Complex 4-20 features natural ingredients including amino acids, proteins, vegetable fiber- and cellulose-based enzymes. This product contains no animal products. Vegetable-derived ingredients assist the body’s functions more efficiently, safely and gently.*
• Vegetable capsules meet dietary and cultural requirements. Certified kosher and vegan.

Take one capsule before each meal, up to three capsules per day.



Kenzen® Mega Daily 4 is far more than a multivitamin supplement. Formulated with organic vegetables, Mega Daily 4 gives you all known types of water-soluble and fat-soluble antioxidants, as well as nutrients for supporting cellular function — for healthy metabolism, heart, cardiovascular, immune and brain function, hormonal balance and more.* It includes every type of vegetable phytonutrient, derived from the whole spectrum of vegetable classes — red, orange, yellow, tan and green — to help support healthy function of all your body's biological processes and systems.* The 4 in Mega Daily 4 refers to four features: a multivitamin and mineral; vegetable superfoods (selected for their exceptional nutrient content); whole body renewal components; gender-specific support.*


• A specialized blend of traditional herbs such as green tea, dong quai and grape seed extract is included in Kenzen® Mega Daily 4 for Women to moderate the common effects of premenstrual syndrome, menopause and other female concerns.*
• In Kenzen® Mega Daily 4 for Men, natural herbs include tumeric and green tea extract, and plants such as saw palmetto and Pygmeum africanum, to support a healthy prostate and other male-specific nutritional concerns.*
• The source material for Kenzen® Mega Daily 4 is a variety of foods that are organically grown in regions where the soils are not depleted by decades of commercial farming. This helps to ensure that more of the natural, whole-food nutrients are present.
• Because the Mega Daily 4 is produced using these organic ingredients, its formulation also corresponds more closely to the requirements of the human body, than is the case with conventional vitamin supplements.
• In tablet form, Mega Daily 4 is absorbed over time, to allow the body to assimilate more of the nutrients instead of eliminating them.*

Take four (4) tablets daily.









Nothing fishy here.

Omega fatty acids are necessary for maintaining health. These compounds cannot be produced by the body and must be consumed in the diet.* There are many omega supplements on the market, but Kenzen Omega Green + DHA is different—vegetable-derived, with none of the drawbacks posed by other products. The drawback with typical omega supplements is that they are derived from fish oils. Toxic materials are increasingly being reported in various species that are used. Potentially dangerous levels of heavy metals and other contaminants have been measured.






• Omega fatty acids support healthy heart, brain nerve and eye function. They help maintain cardiovascular health. They support digestive health and hormone balance, cellular membranes in skin, heart and brain. Omega acids also are believed to reduce periodic sleeplessness and carbohydrate cravings.*
• Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9 oils have been identified as being especially important. An omega supplement must offer all three of these oils to be of greatest value.
• Harvesting fish for their omega-rich oils is not environmentally sound because this may not be a sustainable resource. Overfishing is severely depleting the available stock.
• There are other problems regarding this source of omega acids. Processing required in deriving omega from fish oils results in oxidation, which diminishes the amount of omega acids available. This also hastens the spoilage of this material, affecting shelf life.
• In contrast, the source material for Kenzen Omega Green + DHA, cranberry seed oil, flax seed oil and red algae, is easily renewable.
• As an added measure, Kenzen Omega Green + DHA is emulsified in a proprietary process that encapsulates the active ingredients in fiber. This forms a protective barrier that not only guards against oxidation but serves to control the rate of absorption.*
• Kosher and vegan certified, gluten free.

Take three capsules per day, preferably shortly before a meal.




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